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10 Minor Tips To Help You Lose Major Weight

1) Be totally aware of every mouthful of food. Put your fork down after each bite and take the time to enjoy the flavor and sensation of the food. Don’t rush. Rushing, even a snack, doesn’t give your brain enough time to recognize when your stomach is full. Taking your time will cause you to feel more full with less food, and will also lighten the load on your digestive system.

2) Chew thoroughly and s-l-o-w-l-y. This has the same effect as No. 1.

3) Don’t believe “experts” who say you need a big breakfast when on a diet. The more you eat, the more you want to eat. Satisfy morning hunger with a small breakfast, then, if necessary, have a tiny snack at mid-morning. It’s better to eat five very small meals a day than three big ones.

4) Don’t give up your favorite food. You won’t make it through your lifetime doing why try. Just eat a lot less of it and don’t feel guilty. I love certain candy, so I take out one or two, close the bag and put it away, knowing beforehand that’s all I’ll get. If the bag isn’t right there, I don’t suffer from the “just-one-more” syndrome.

5) Sight and sound can trigger the brain’s hunger reflex. When this happens, you can train yourself to quickly switch thoughts, or, “go do something” to get your mind occupied with anything else. Sometimes I will drink a glass of water or juice…it really does kill the preoccupation of needing more food. Then you can feel smug that you did not take in THOSE calories!

6) Use a luncheon plate at all meals rather than a larger dinner plate. You’ll clean your plate with less food. Remember, the less you eat, the less you will want to eat because your stomach will shrink and will not want as much anymore.

7) Slice your food on your plate into small pieces, one at a time, eating one piece before slicing another. Put your knife and fork down while chewing and swallowing. Don’t pick them up again until you’re completely finished with one piece and ready to slice the next. This will really slow you down . . .don’t cheat now! (smile)

8) You’ve heard this before: Push away from the table hungry and, in twenty minutes, you won’t be hungry anymore. It’s true! So, stretch your meals out. Since it takes twenty minutes for the brain to assimilate hunger impulses, take half the normal portion, and eat it slowly over twenty minutes. YOU’LL FEEL FULL! Have you ever been interrupted in the middle of a meal, then, on returning to the table, you didn’t feel like eating any more? It’s the same principal.

9) Make your snacks healthy ones. My favorite is fruit yogurt, which I make sure is always in supply in a variety of flavors. It sure beats reaching for the potato chips. It’s tastier, healthier and fills me up. Good for the whole family.

10) Don’t eat standing up. Make it a rule. If you have to sit down to eat, you’ll do it more slowly and maybe less often.